EPR Initiative

EPR initiative for Manufacturers and, Brand Owners,

    EPR is only well working when frame conditions are existing and implemented

  • Organizational conditions operative
    - e.g. collecting infrastructure works and is transparent
  • Flanking measures applied
    - Pay as you throw
    - Take back obligations
  • Population
    - Information
    - Awareness and education
    - Convenience
  • At present we approach near about 260 Manufacturers and 36 brand owner of plastic packaging material.
  • We started registration of members through on line registration form.
  • We approach 9 Municipal corporation and 21 Councils. The MOU will be finalised after approval of MPCB and Urban Development department.
  • After approval we will approach other Municipal corporation and Council also work out actual quantity of plastic waste generation.
  • We will take follow-up with MPCB and UD for approval of Registration of our members brand owners and manufacturers.